Tracks from the refuge
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Circular routes
From Les Conques refuge we have a good location for hikes to the Costabona`s Peak (2465m) and its most spectacular landscape, also to Roc Colom (2507m), Puig de la Collada Verda (2403m) and the Seven Men’s Peak (2661m). We also can connect with other refuges like Mariailles, Sant Guillem, Ulldeter, if we want to make more than one day walks. Circular hikes such as "El Tour del Canigó", "Refugis del Torb" or the "Tour des Reserves Naturellles" offer the hikers the possibility of discovering the easternmost end of the Pyrenees with a five or six days routes.
Tour Refugis del Torb Tour du Canigó Tour des reserves Naturelles