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©2020 Bosch Julià, Xavier
Refuge les Conques - 66230 Prats-De-Molló-La-Preste (France) tlf.+33(0)9 88 66 66 37
Information letter on the new preventive regulation of COVID 19 Due to the COVID 19 pandemic, the Conques refuge to prepare for the opening of this 2020 season, has adopted the following preventive measures in order to be able to stay or use the bar and restaurant service safely. . In order to maintain safe distances, the capacity of the shelter beds has been reduced by 50%. To compensate for the lack of places, there will be tents next to the shelter equipped with mattresses. We invite you to read the following instructions carefully: RESERVATION You must sign the "Individual Commitment Letter for a Stay at a Mountain Refuge" at the time of booking and return it to the shelter. ARRIVAL The hikers will not be able to enter the refuge the own waste that they have generated during their day of march, will have to deposit them in the containers of the parking of the Basins. Before entering the shelter, you must wash your hands with the disinfectant hydroalcoholic gel that will be found in the entrance hall of the shelter. Upon arrival, you will need to fill in a contact record of all members of the group or family (Date / Name / Phone / E-mail / Place of Origin), in order to have good traceability of all visitors to the shelter. This information will only be used in the event of a possible infection occurring in the shelter during the stay. Once the pandemic has passed and all preventive controls have been deactivated, this data will be destroyed. All people will need to wear their own mask which they will need to wear while they are in the shelter. If the customer does not bring it, he can buy it at the same shelter. Distances of one meter between people must be respected. SLEEP Once registered, the guard will assign the spaces for each person to spend the night. Everyone will need to bring their own sleeping bag and pillow. The shelter will not provide it so if someone does not bring it they will not be able to sleep in the shelter. The mattresses will come with plastic covers to be able to disinfect them easily and effectively. In case anyone wants a sheet below they can rent them at the shelter (3 €), in this case the customer will make the bed and the next day the same person will be responsible for removing the sheets and put them in the container which you will find for this use. Under no circumstances may blankets or pillows be rented. People sleeping inside the shelter will have to store all their luggage and luggage in the bedroom, people sleeping in the tent will not enter any of their luggage into the shelter. FOOD For safety reasons hikers will not be able to bring their own food and cook it at the shelter. All guests will have a table reserved for their exclusive use for the duration of their stay at the shelter. In the case of individuals who share a table, they will have their specific place, maintaining the separation distances of one meter. In the event that a table is shared by members of the same family, the safety distances may be reduced. It will be the customers themselves who will serve the food at the tables. He will be picked up from a table set up as a counter where the keeper will deliver the food. They will also be responsible for returning used tableware at the indicated point. Breakfasts will be staggered at 30-minute intervals to avoid overcrowding at the health services at the time of getting up. For this reason, the night before the groups or families will register in the different time slots for breakfast and will also syndicate the recommended time to get up from each of them and be able to use the toilets. The cleaning and disinfection of the tables after the service will be the responsibility of the shelter guard. WASHBASINS AND SHOWERS The use of health services will be made respecting the capacity limited to one person. People who want to use the toilet, before using it, must disinfect the toilet with the disinfectant liquid, disposable paper and gloves to protect their hands. You will find everything in a cleaning kit that will be available to users. For the use of the showers it will be necessary to do the same cleaning procedure. It will also be necessary to disinfect the spray curtain with the disinfectant liquid after use. It is recommended that a reasonable time of 15 minutes be allowed between showers; a device will be hung on the shower doors for each user to mark the time of the end of the last shower. Let us all be respectful of these recommendations in order to have a good stay in the shelter and ensure the safety of everyone. Thank you so much Xavier BOSCH