Geologically it should be noted that erosion has moulded the masses in a heterogeneous way: altitude plans, ravines, granite chaos, stinging crests, small glacial circles, rugged escarpments. It is worth mentioning the varied rocks you can find: the granitic of Costabona (280m) or the impressive Quejo Quarter of Esquerdes de Rotjà and the Costabona marbles. The most common minerals are garnet, scheelite and pyrite. As for the fauna, the mosaic of natural habitats in the reserve generates a great diversity of animal species. Studies confirm the site's interest for invertebrates such as grasshoppers, locusts, beetles, butterflies or spiders. We can also find the most symbolic species of the Pyrenees such as the
chamois, roe deer, bearded vulture, white partridge, rooster ermine, wild cat, black pepper, the royal eagle etc. The flora and vegetation are conditioned by the origin of the rocks, the topography and the humidity exposure. Several specific plant associations have been created from rare and original species, like the Virselli andrussia and the Saxifrages that settle on the rocky walls. We can also we find carnivorous plants that settle in the middle of the mosses of the most humid places, lush lilies in the middle of the megaphores, the Roman rhododendron in the windy crests and the glacier bunches, whitewashed the beds of the snowflakes spring.
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The Refuge Les Conques is located in the main entrance of the Prats de Molló La Presta Nature Reserve, a natural space of great biological richness in all its fields.